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液化空气集团 Air Liquide Shanghai Co., Ltd was founded in 1991, located in Cao He Jing Hi-Tech Developing District. It was the first FDI organization fully invested by Air Liquide Group, its main business includes high- pipe line gases, compressed gases, liquid gases and on-site system. After years of development, Air Liquide Shanghai has grown to be Air Liquide Eastern China group, nowadays, we have 3 business lines, over 800 employees and almost 30 sites / plants, our business not only covers Chang Jiang Delta focuses in Shanghai, Zhang Jia Gang, Chang Shu, Hang Zhou, etc. The continual expanding has cover Hubei, An Hui and Jiang Xi provinces.
With the rapid growth of our businesses, our team is seeking highly skilled and talented candidates. All employees having the chance to work closely with our customer in the world will be the most rewarding part of their career. Adequate attention will be paid to personnel cultivation, employee training and long-range career development. Competitive C&B package will be provided to qualified candidates.
随着业务的快速发展,液化空气正在寻求具有丰富技术和才干的人才加入。所有员工都有机会与全球客户紧密工作在一起,这将为他们的职业生涯带来长期的回报。液化空气公司注重人才培养, 培训, 更注重长期持续的职业发展空间,同时提供有竞争力的薪酬福利。