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曼可顿 Mankattan Foods
Mankattan Food was founded in 1995 by the Artal Group as a fully-owned, foreign-invested enterprise in China. The Artal Group is a long-established company with business investments across many countries in Europe, America and Asia. It is particularly active in the food industry. To date, Mankattan has respectively established many manufacturing facilities in different cities of China and has built a very comprehensive distribution system to serve a large base of consumers.
Since established, the Mankattan brand has focused on providing consumers soft, fresh, nutritious, premium bakery products. It is a leading brand in the China bakery industry.
Mankattan is committed to using high-quality raw materials in its products. Through continuous research and development, Mankattan develops different products with different nutritious elements to cater for the different dietary preferences of the Chinese consumers. With such effort, Mankattan’s products offer both good taste and nutrition. In the new product development arena, Mankattan leverages its previous rich experience accumulated from mature European and American bakery markets to set a high international standard while allowing desired local customization in its products.
Mankattan has the mission to sustain development of its business in the China market. Through professional technology and superb customer service, it will continue to provide consumers high-quality and popular products.
曼可顿食品公司是亚太国际集团(Artal Group)于1995年在中国投资建设的外商独资企业。亚太国际集团历史悠久,业务遍布欧洲、美洲、亚洲的多个国家,活跃于食品行业。至今,已先后在中国多个城市投资建厂,建立了完善、广泛的产品分销网络,服务广大消费者。


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