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哈金森 公司介绍
1853年,一位美国工程师在法国成立了距今有160年历史的哈金森公司。1922年-1923年,中国前领导人***同志年轻时曾在法国哈金森工作过。在1974年,哈金森公司成为TOTAL集团的子公司。TOTAL 是一家顶尖的国际石油公司和天然气、炼油、石化以及燃油、润滑油销售领域的世界级运营商,业务遍及130多个国家。公司拥有近10万员工,集国际公认的专长,勘探、生产、提炼和分销石油和天然气,为全球客户提供产品和服务。集团2014年销售额为2,361亿美元。哈金森是一家全球大型的橡胶制品供应商,主要生产和销售航空、铁路、汽车工业的橡胶制品。它在全球24个国家拥有98家分厂。哈金森全球生产产品包括军用产品、减震产品、车身密封系统、流动传动系统、传送带、密封件。在1996年,哈金森公司开始在中国投资工厂,先后在武汉和苏州成立了两家分厂。中国区员工总数超过1700人。2015年,哈金森公司销售额超过38亿欧元。


由于公司业务发展的需要,哈金森工业橡胶制品(苏州)有限公司将为优秀的人才提供良好的发展机会。如果想了解我们公司信息,请登录我们公司的网站www.hutchinsonrubber.com,www.hutchinson-asia.com 和www.total.com.cn.现在,哈金森工业橡胶制品(苏州)有限公司期盼您的到来!


HUTCHINSON is an old company, founded in France in 1853 by an American engineer. Between 1922 and 1923, the former Chinese leader Mr. Deng Xiaoping had worked in Hutchinson when he was young. Since 1974, HUTCHINSON is a subsidiary of the TOTAL Group. TOTAL is a leading international oil company and a world-class operator of gas, refinery, petrochemical and fuel and lubricants sales in more than 130 countries. The company has nearly 100,000 employees, with internationally recognized expertise in the exploration, production, refining and distribution of oil and natural gas, providing products and services to customers worldwide. Group sales amount in 2014 was 236.1 billion US dollars. Hutchinson is a global large-scale supplier of rubber products, main activity is to manufacture and sell rubber products to Global OEMs in the aerospace, railway, and car industry. It has 98 plants located in 24 countries. HUTCHINSON broad products range is including defense parts, antivibration parts, car body sealing, fluid transfer systems, transmission belts, precision seals. In 1996, HUTCHINSON started to invest in China and developed 2 units in Wuhan and Suzhou, and employing more than 1700 people in Chinese area. The sales amount of Hutchinson is more than 3.8 billion euros in 2015.

HUTCHINSON SUZHOU is developing 6 Business Units: Common Department, Industry, Precision Sealing, Transmission Belts, Antivibration Pads and Asia Purchasing Office. As one of the best rubber product’s suppliers in the world, HUTCHINSON SUZHOU produces high quality products for railway, aerospace and general industry on international markets.

Because of the fast-development needs of our company’s business, the right candidate might quickly be offered better opportunities. Please visit our corporate websites at www.hutchinsonrubber.com, www.hutchinson-asia.com and www.total.com.cn for more company information. Now Hutchinson Suzhou is looking for excellent candidates.


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