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歌帝梵 Company Overview for Godiva
Founded in Brussels, Belgium by Joseph Draps 80 years ago, Godiva Chocolatier is the world leader in super premium chocolate, available in over 80 countries.
Belgian in origin but uniquely Godiva in execution, the Godiva style consists of the exquisitely balanced counterpoints of aroma, flavor and texture found in the company's chocolates.
Key to achieving the Godiva style is the company's ingredients that are not only superior, but dramatically different in flavor and texture. These ingredients include high quality cocoa beans, dairy butter, and heavy cream as well as intriguing flavor components such as whole macadamia nuts and fresh fruit fillings like key lime.
Godiva Chocolatier offers a range of chocolate products - from traditional Belgian pralines to ganaches to its famous truffles and caramels to its many hand-dipped chocolate items. In 2005, a line of beverages available in both cold and hot varieties, CHOCOlixir, was introduced, further delighting its consumers.
Godiva Chocolatier owns and operates more than 450 boutiques and shops worldwide where consumers can find a comprehensive selection of Godiva offerings. Godiva products are also available at finer department and specialty stores.Additionally, the company issues six seasonal mail-order catalogs a year in North America and accepts phone and internet orders.
Godiva巧克力于1926年创立于比利时的布鲁塞尔, 是巧克力大师Joseph Draps以Godiva夫人传奇命名而诞生的经典品牌。


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